Skagafjodur (Hutton, 2004)

Skagafjordur: An Evening with Peter Hutton

Friday, November 30, 2007 - 7:00pm

Peter Hutton's cinema captures the mystery of the cinema's opening onto the world, with exquisite images of landscape as well as the everyday events of light, shadow and form on a variety of scales. His images reveal dimensions of the visual world that ordinary seeing might miss, with a patient and perfect framing,an awareness of the power of small movements, and a sense of the nearly invisible dramas of the cosmos slowly rendered visible. Beauty dwells in Hutton's films with the insistence and necessity that only a transformation of vision can offer.

Made in Iceland and on the Hudson River, Skagafjordur isĀ  meticulously composed film which draws on the traditions of 19th-century landscape painting and still photography. (Hutton, 2004, 16mm film print, 33 minutes)