Fuses (Schneemann, 1964-67)

An Evening with Carolee Schneemann

Friday, November 7, 2008 - 7:00pm

Since the early 1960s, legendary multimedia artist Carolee Schneemann has blazed a groundbreaking, taboo-busting path through the art world. Expressive, exuberant and intelligent, her work ranges from hand-made diary films and politically charged performances to painting, poetry, and installation, all the while exploring and overturning preconceived notions of sexuality, gender, and the body.

Tonight, Schneemann will present two installments of her landmark Autobiographical Trilogy: Fuses (1964—67, 16mm, 18min), in which she painted, scratched, and collaged self-shot footage of herself and then-partner James Tenney's erotic explorations, Kitch's Last Meal (1976, Super 8, double projection, 54 min), a tribute to the daily intimacy of shared domestic life.

Co-sponsored by Department of Art History, Center for Gender Studies, and School of the Art Institute's Conversations at the Edge