Sink or Swim (Su Friedrich, 1990)

Program II: Personal Histories

Friday, March 7, 2008 - 9:00pm
In conjunction with the Graduate Cinema Conference on April 4-5, the Film Studies Center and the Experimental Film Club present several programs devoted to essay films and experimental documentaries. Sink or Swim (Su Friedrich, 1990, 16mm, 48 minutes) Through a series of 26 short stories, a girl describes the childhood events that shaped her ideas about fatherhood, family relations, work and play. The Smell of Burning Ants (Jay Rosenblatt, 1994, 16mm, 21 minutes) A haunting documentary on the pains of growing up male, exploring the inner and outer cruelties that boys perpetrate and endure. 9 Is a Secret (Vanessa Renwick, 2002, mini-DV, 6 minutes) The filmmaker recounts a sad time in her life, when a friend was dying and she suddenly became aware of the presence of crows. The dark birds in turn point her to the practice of counting crows, which is both a children's rhyming game and a form of divination in which the number of crows suggests events in the future.

Co-sponsored by Committee on Cinema & Media Studies, University of Chicago Student Activities Board