Wednesday, May 6, 2009 - 7:00pm

Like Ophuls' other obscure American feature, The Reckless Moment, Caught is a near masterpiece in the genre of dark melodrama that best expressed the quality of domestic American life in the late Forties. Caught touches on familiar Ophulsian love themes but for the most part it focuses on the diseased ambitions and social-climbing illusions in postwar American society. In its attention to socio-psychological detail, Caught reveals the sharp eye of an astute European observer. Barbara Bel Geddes plays a charm school graduate caught between her psychotic millionaire husband (Robert Ryan in a portrayal patterned on Howard Hughes) and a struggling young ghetto doctor (James Mason). Lee Garmes' camerawork is truly Wellesian in its unusual angles, deep focus, and expressive lighting." --Treasures from the UCLA Film Archives," PFA Publication

(Max Ophuls, USA, 1949, 88 minutes, b/w, 35mm print courtesy of UCLA Film and Television Archive. Preservation funded by The Film Foundation.)

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