Reverberation, Gehr, 1969

Films by Ernie Gehr and Pat O'Neill

Friday, May 29, 2009 - 7:00pm

The EFC is pleased to present films by Ernie Gehr and Pat O'Neill, central figures in American experimental film since the late 1960s. Gehr brought a sense of delicate, lyrical poetry to "structural" film. His films are often based in the apparatus, commenting on the basic techniques and materials of the cinema, but doing so in a way that creates rapturous and wholly unique viewing experiences, transcendent explorations of light and shadow. Gehr's work provides an interesting counterpart to the films of Pat O'Neill, whose visual mastery reveals similar concerns with the materials of film. This program includes O'Neill's Saugus Series, seven astonishing short films of virtuosic, hallucinatory images.

(16mm, b&w/color, 96 minutes)

Saugus Series (O'Neill, 1974, 18 minutes)
Morning (Gehr, 1968, 5 minutes)
Wait (Gehr, 1968, 7 minutes)
Reverberation (Gehr, 1969, 23 minutes)
Transparency (Gehr, 1969, 11 minutes)
Field (Gehr, 1970, 10 minutes)
History (Gehr, 1970, 22 minutes)

Co-sponsored by The Committee on Cinema and Media Studies, Mass Culture Workshop, University of Chicago Student Activities Board