New York Eye and Ear Control, 1964

Short Films by Michael Snow: Eye and Ear Control

Friday, February 20, 2009 - 7:00pm

Best known for monumental, hugely influential works such as Wavelength (1967) and La Region Centrale (1971), Michael Snow has had a rich, varied career as an artist working in sculpture, photography, painting and music. This selection of early short films exhibits Snow's diverse interests and the influence that his other artistic passions have had on his filmmaking.

This program includes Snow's first major film work, New York Eye and Ear Control. Featuring a legendary free jazz score by Albert Ayler and Don Cherry, this rarely-screened landmark of the North American avant-garde incorporates Snow's "walking woman" works, in which an instantly recognizable flat sculpture, often seen in silhouette, is placed in a variety of real-world situations.

A To Z
(1956, 16mm, 7 minutes)
New York Eye and Ear Control (1964, 16mm, 34 minutes)
Standard Time (1967, 16mm, 8 minutes)
One Second in Montreal (1969, 16mm, 26 minutes)
Side Seat Paintings Slides Sound Film
(1970, 16mm, 20 minutes)
Breakfast (aka Table Top Dolly) (1976, 16mm, 15 minutes)

Co-sponsored by Experimental Film Club and University of Chicago Student Government.