Amethyst Sunset

WHPK Pictures and Sounds

Saturday, February 20, 2010 - 8:00pm

Pictures and Sounds, the annual multimedia showcase hosted by WHPK and the Film Studies Center, presents re-imagined and improvised soundtracks to new video work and classics of silent, experimental, and outsider film. Live performances from across the spectrum of Midwestern avant noise and free playing.

MIST (Cleveland, OH)
Sam Goldberg (Pizza Night Tapes) and John Eliot (Emeralds, Outerspace, Wagon Family) patch sequencers into enfolding drift and extended polyphonic arpeggios to experimental animation from seminal Canadian animator Norman McLaren. First ever Chicago performance.

DOG LADY (Detroit, MI)
Recently exploding into the Ann Arbor noise maelstrom, Mike Collino's suffering, grinding violin loops are reminiscent of Tony Conrad's earliest work, boring their way straight through the chest and reverberating all senses. Found on Wolf Eyes' "Always Wrong," and releases on American Tapes and RRRecords. Performing to the work of Michigan-based video artist Alivia Zivich.

Expertly and jarringly blurring the lines between studied, agile free improvisation and the youthful scramble of freak electronics, the new guard of Detriot avant-improv, Chris Riggs, Ben Hall (Graveyards), and Nate Wooley, articulate the contours of Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty."

The formal unveiling of the newest project by Catholic Tapes boss/Faceworker/ Chicago DIY stalwart Brett Naucke. Shuddering tone corridors pour out to splattered, percussing vistas. Live video made specifically for this performance by Chicago's Nate Young.