Border Crossings in East Asian Cinema: Koreans on the Move

Screening and Discussion with Directors Zhang Lu and Yang Yong-hi

<br /><p><em>Dooman River</em>, Zhang Lu, 2010</p>

May 27, 2011 - May 28, 2011, Daily, 7:00pm - 1:00pm

Border Crossings in East Asian Cinema brings to campus films that cross generic and geographic borders in East Asia. This year’s theme, “Koreans on the Move,” calls attention to recent works about the experiences of migrants and refugees from and to North Korea.

Dooman River, a feature film by ZHANG Lu, and Sona, the Other Myself (Goodbye, Pyongyang), a documentary by YANG Yong-hi, explore questions of ethnic identification and solidarity, probing into the tragic ways in which national boundaries affect people’s lives and reminding us of the vital yet fragile efforts of those who seek to maintain human connections across national borders.

Screenings will be followed by conversations with the directors and a roundtable discussion with University of Chicago faculty and graduate students.

Conference Schedule
Friday, May 27
7:00pm  Screening: Dooman River (Zhang Lu, 2010, South Korea/France, 35mm, 89 min)
8:30pm  Q&A with director Zhang

Saturday, May 28
1:00pm  Screening: Sona, the Other Myself (Goodbye, Pyongyang) (Yang Yong-hi, 2009, Korea/Japan, DVD, 82 min)
2:30pm  Q&A with director Yang
3:00pm  Coffee break
3:15pm  Roundtable discussion
4:15pm  Public reception

Co-sponsored by CEAS Committee on Korean Studies, CEAS Committee on Chinese Studies, CEAS Committee on Japanese Studies, and Confucius Institute at the University of Chicago.