Modúpé Tëmi / I Thank God for My Own

Friday, March 4, 2011 - 7:00pm

Curated and introduced by Mary Adekoya, Ph.D. candidate, Department of Cinema & Media Studies

“There is one man. There is one woman. There is one house. There is no trust. There is insecurity. There is conflict.” The description provided in popular advertisements for Modúpé Tëmi highlights the novelty of a Nollywood movie with only a two-person cast. In the contemporary Nigerian video filmmaking industry (commonly called Nollywood), while it is not unusual to find a movie that revolves around the dissolution of a marriage, most movies interweave various supporting characters and subplots. By focusing on the dynamic between one couple, Modúpé Tëmi renders the outside forces that aid in the breakdown of their relationship invisible, and leaves us with a melodramatic comedy about one husband and wife’s struggle to rebuild their relationship.

(Daniel Ademinokan, 2008, Nigeria, 145 min, DVD, in Yorùbá with English subtitles)

Sponsored by the Film Studies Center Graduate Student Curatorial Program.