What is Cinematic?

A conversation across disciplines and modes between an artist and a critic

<em>Image from the Brooklyn Museum Magic Lantern Collection.</em>

Thursday, May 24, 2012, 7:00pm - 7:00pm

What is the Cinematic? Is there a way film reflects an experience—of vision, of movement, of synchronized sound—that is not limited to film and projectors? Likewise, is there a way artists in other media invoke the cinematic experience by in effect going outside film technically or through combining the cinematic with other art forms? In an era not only of new media but of fusion among the arts and media, what does expanded cinema mean?

We want to address these issues through an engagement with the work of Bull.Miletic, installation and video artists based in Oslo, Norway and visiting Chicago this quarter as they conceive a new project based in the relations among vision, urban space and the experience of motion. In conversation with film historian and critic Tom Gunning, we will discuss the way film inspires artists in related media, how the history of film intersects with the future of media, and what dialogue between practicing artists and historians and critics can yield. Please join in!