Judgment, 2012

Interval: Recent Video Work by d. n. rodowick

Friday, January 10, 2014 - 7:00pm

Known primarily for his work in philosophy and the visual arts, new Cinema and Media Studies faculty member D. N. Rodowick is also an accomplished experimental filmmaker, video artist, and curator.  Deeply influenced by filmmakers Ernie Gehr, Hollis Frampton, and Michael Snow, as well as minimalist composers Steve Reich and Terry Riley, Rodowick’s moving image works are primarily concerned with process and performance in ways that explore fluid relations between stillness and movement, figuration and abstraction.  Many of the works are produced by setting into motion a series of formal parameters and then letting them play themselves out (almost) automatically in relation to randomizing elements. Although conceptual in nature, Rodowick’s moving image work embraces affect through its hypnotic rhythms and a haunting, painterly beauty.  

In an evening of screening and discussion, Rodowick will present digital works produced since 2010 and premiere several new works.