It's a Living

Let’s Get Working: Chicago Celebrates Studs Terkel Festival
Friday, May 9, 2014 - 8:00pm

Introduction by Judy Hoffman, Professor of Practice, Department of Cinema and Media Studies, with Sara Chapman and Tom Weinberg from Media Burn Archive.

It's A Living was the first locally produced portable videotape program broadcast in 1975 on WTTW.  Video pioneers worked together with Studs Terkel to make an insightful television program about everyday people that was unlike anything that had been broadcast before. It's A Living was based on Terkel's groundbreaking oral history book, “Working.” The documentary features the stories of six different people at their jobs: two from Terkel's book ("Wheelin' Lovin'" Al Pommier, a parking lot attendant, and Yolanda Lief, a waitress) and four new people (a barber, a piano tuner, a model, and Terkel's WFMT receptionist). A highlight of the program is Terkel's own working life at his daily WFMT radio broadcast, and his thoughts on fame, artistry, and his legacy.

(Produced at Videopolis by Skip Blumberg, Paul Challacombe, Joel Gold, Judy Hoffman, Anda Korsts, Jim Mayer, Jack McFadden, Tom Shea, Tom Weinberg, Jim Wiseman, with Studs Terkel; 1975, 60 min)

Let’s Get Working: Chicago Celebrates Studs Terkel
Let’s Get Working is a three-day festival celebrating the legacy of Studs Terkel, revisiting his work and tracing his influence through oral histories, film screenings, musical performances, art installations, storytelling, and community dialogues. Complete details available on the festival website.