Gate (2010)

Tatsu Aoki: Visions x Sounds

Screening and live performance
Friday, May 23, 2014 - 7:00pm

Chicago artist Tatsu Aoki has been making films and music together for over 30 years. Tonight he presents an evening of film and live soundscape, featuring selected works that use experimental and diaristic techniques to transform and examine the everyday world, including Puzzle III (2003), GATE (2010) and a special preview of his new digital work Lights.

Live music by Tatsu Aoki Unit, with renowned sound creator/composer/musician Jonathan Chen and Jamie Kempers.

Tatsu Aoki is a prolific and accomplished musician, composer, filmmaker and educator. He works in a wide array of musical styles, ranging from traditional Asian music to jazz to experimental music, and has recorded over 100 albums. He studied experimental filmmaking at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently an adjunct Associate Professor in the Film, Video and New Media Department. His films continue to be screened internationally.

Gate (2010, 16mm/Digital, 30 min)
Puzzle - Part III (2003, 16mm, 30 min)