Friday, April 15, 2016, 7:00pm - 7:00pm

An engineer (Viggo Mortensen) at a remote Argentine outpost ventures into enemy territory to find his daughter, who has run away with a young soldier. His solitary quest takes him to a place beyond time, where the past vanishes and the future has no meaning. Both a bold stylistic departure from New Argentine Cinema filmmaker Lisandro Alonso’s previous work (La Libertad, Liverpool) and a continuation of themes he has explored in the past, the film is notable for its robust engagement with the Western, a genre it audaciously and at times enigmatically inverts. Preceded by short films including Fog Line (Larry Gottheim, 1970, 16mm).

(Lisandro Alonso, Argentina, 2014, 109 min., DCP)

The second screening in a two-part series presented in conjunction with the Department of Cinema and Media Studies 2016 Graduate Student Conference, Still Walking, Still Sleeping, Still Life: Slow Aesthetics and the Moving Image (April 22-23, 2016).

The conference is organized by Zain Jamshaid (Ph.D. student, CMS), Katerina Korola (Ph.D. student, CMS) and Pao-Chen Tang (Ph.D. student, CMS), and is co-sponsored by the Department of Cinema and Media Studies, the Center for East Asian Studies, the Mass Culture Workshop, and the Humanities Division Graduate Student Council.