Film Adventurer Karel Zeman

with Ludmila Zeman and Linda Zeman-Spaleny
Thursday, March 2, 2017 - 7:00pm

Animation fans around the world know Czech director Karel Zeman’s fantasy films An Invention for Destruction, Journey to the Beginning of Time, and Baron Munchausen, which combined live-action footage with Ray Harryhausen-like animation. This film looks back at the life, work, and significance of one of the geniuses of world cinema using clips from Zeman’s films, interviews with contemporary filmmakers including Terry Gilliam and Tim Burton, and present-day film students attempting to recreate Zeman’s amazing special effects. Zeman’s daughter and granddaughter will attend the screening to talk about his legacy.

(Tomás Hodan, Czech Republic, 2015, 102 min., DCP)

Co-presented by the Committee on Eastern European and Russian/Eurasian Studies.