Our Mother the Mountain

with Tamar Lando
Friday, March 1, 2019 - 7:00pm

Tamar Lando’s debut film follows three old and weathered cowboys through the remote landscape of Southwestern New Mexico. The Native Americans were long ago removed from this valley and the mountains that overlook it. Now these newer stewards of the land are themselves fading out; the old cowboy ways, honed in times of limited contact with the outside world, are all but gone. In raw and intimate footage, the film explores the real lives of older generation cowboys, stripped of the myths and stereotypes that commonly shroud the American cowboy. The film gives the viewer a rare window into the inner lives of famously laconic men, as these three cowboys explore, in candid moments before the camera, what it means to live in this place. In conversation with Daniel Morgan, professor in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies. 

(2018, 40 min., DCP)

Tamar Lando is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Columbia University, and a documentary photographer. Her academic research is in logic and epistemology. Her photographs of the Mimbres River Valley in New Mexico were exhibited at the Autry Museum in Los Angeles as part of the program Women in a Man's World: Filming the Modern Cowboy. Her photographs have been exhibited at the Platt-Bornstein Gallery in Los Angeles (2010) and the Stanford University Art Gallery (2004).  

Co-sponsored by the Department of Cinema and Media Studies.