I'm NOT on the Menu

We Tell: Wages of Work

with Salomé Aguilara Skvirsky (UChicago), Patricia Zimmerman (Ithaca College), and Andrew Friend (filmmaker)
Thursday, February 20, 2020 - 7:00pm

Citizens and communities approach issues surrounding job opportunities, occupations, wages, unemployment, and underemployment in a myriad of ways. They engage in union organizing. They reclaim stories about what is not spoken, repressed, or suppressed. They launch political protests. Wages of Work spotlights people from across the United States operating under various restraints on making a living. Focusing on labor and work, this program showcases shorts like I’m NOT on the Menu, which profiles Chicago fast-food workers marching on McDonald’s headquarters during a nationwide walkout to protest sexual harassment, and Los Trabajadores, made by Scribe and CATA (El Comite de Apoyo a Los Trabajadores Agricolas), which reveals the day-to-day experiences of mushroom farm laborers in Pennsylvania.

Film Program (full descriptions available here)

Finally Got the News (League of Revolutionary Black Workers, 1970, 56 min.)
The United Mine Workers of America 1970: A House Divided (Appalshop, 1971, 14 min.)
Los Trabajadores (El Comite de Apoyo a Los Trabajadores Agricolas, 2002, 19 min.)
I'm NOT on the Menu (Labor Beat, 2018, 11 min.)

Presented by the Film Studies Center and Arts + Public Life. Cosponsored by the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture.