Thursday, October 25, 2007 - 7:00pm
In Fall 2002, Governor George Ryan of Illinois learned of shocking flaws in his state's capital punishment system that called his long-held pro-death penalty beliefs into question. The information that was unearthed by undergraduate Northwestern journalism students led to Governor Ryan's decision to grant clemency to over 150 inmates. This documentary recounts the events that unfolded in the few short months between Fall 2002 and when he left office, in January 2003. (Katy Chevigny & Kristin Johnson, 2004, 90 minutes, DVD) The films in the Human Rights at Home series address pressing issues in Chicago and the Greater Midwest such as police brutality, and problems facing union workers, the urban and rural poor. The series demonstrates the importance of framing such problems in the context of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and that violations do not only occur outside the United States.

Co-sponsored by University of Chicago Human Rights Program and the Franke Institute for the Humanities.