Curricular Support

The Film Studies Center provides curricular support for courses cross-listed through the Department of Cinema and Media Studies.

Teaching at the FSC

  • Faculty or department coordinators wishing to schedule a class at the FSC should first contact the CMS Program Coordinator to request a course cross-listing.
  • Cross-listed courses receive classroom space at the Center and scheduled screenings staffed by FSC projectionists.  Course material support may be provided, depending on the class, in the form of film rentals and/or purchase of supplemental viewing materials.

General Support

Creating course reserves  

  • Any UC Faculty may request that FSC titles be placed on 'non-circulating' status for the duration of an academic quarter.  Placing materials on 'non-circulating' guarantees that the material will be on site and available for students to view.   Requests should be made at the circulation desk in C306, by phone or in person.
  • Personally owned tapes and discs can be placed on reserve by any professor wishing to make them available to students in the Center's viewing room.  Students are allowed to view the tapes /discs on site.  This is an 'honor system' loan - the FSC does not track circulation of these items so it is not recommended that faculty leave rare or one-of-a-kind materials.

Viewing films

  •  Faculty may send students on an individual basis to watch films in the Center's viewing room,  located in Cobb Hall, room C306.  All students and faculty are welcome at any time to use the viewing room for curricular or independent study. 
  • Please do not send groups to the Center as the viewing room, designed for individual use, cannot accommodate them.