The following FAQ covers some of the commonly asked questions about using the Center. More detailed information is available under Profile, Access and Policy, and About the Collections.

 For Faculty

Can I check out materials to screen my class?

Yes,  as long as the titles aren't designated on reserve in the catalog, materials are available for 24 hour off-site loan to faculty for classroom use on campus.  

Can my Course Assistant pick up the films?

All loans must be made in person.  Course assistants can return items but not check them out unless they themselves have off-site privileges at the Center.

Can I make a reservation for a title / date?

Yes. Please call the information desk or come to the Center in person. 

I own a video that I'd like my students to watch.  Can I leave it at the Center?

Yes! Bring your materials to C306 and the FSC will hold them on reserve and allow students to access them on site.

Can I book a screening room at the FSC?

The FSC screening rooms are in constant use by the courses we support. While we may be able to accommodate an occasional extra screening, it is better all around to book a multimedia classroom.

How can I book a multimedia classroom?

Multimedia classrooms are located all over campus and are listed here. To book a room contact the Registrar at 773.702.7891.

Why is the FSC's circulation policy so restrictive?

The study collection was first envisioned as an entirely non-circulating collection for use primarily in cinema courses.  In recent years that standard has been relaxed so that more people can benefit from the holdings. While the short loan period may cause inconvenience for some,  it helps us maintain the quality of the collection resulting in fewer lost and broken discs and tapes.  On the whole,  on-site viewing and prompt return of off-site loans helps keep materials available to all.

What's the difference between a classroom screening and a public screening...and why should I care?

Most audiovisual work is under copyright - meaning that someone, somewhere, owns the work and reserves the right of use.  Under the provisions of the US copyright act, educational institutions are granted special privileges to screen work in an academic setting. This provision,  known as fair use, allows faculty and students to view copyrighted material in face-to-face instructional teaching situations without fee or penalty.  However, any screening taking place outside the classroom is considered a public performance - whether or not admission is charged - and as such requires a license from the distributor or owner of the work.  Commonly known as a PPL,  a public performance license protects the presenter (and the university) from legal action by the rights holder.  

How can I get classroom & screening support for my course from the FSC?

Please see Curricular Support for a full explanation of  the FSC's services.

Can I hold a public event at the FSC?

Please see Request an Event for a full explanation of event hosting and support at the Center.

For Students

Can I take videos to class or home with me?

No, students are required to watch materials on site.

Can I make dubs of films at the FSC?

The FSC can't make copies of copyrighted material. It's against the law.

Are there job openings at the FSC?

Students staff the FSC as circulation desk attendants and projectionists.  Most hiring is done at the start of the Autumn quarter and available jobs are posted through the workstudy office.  Check the University's job site in September for open positions.

My student group / club would like to hold a screening at the FSC.  Can we do that?

Please see Request an Event for a full explanation of FSC event hosting and support.